This week has been a great one for Miu Sutin : we finally finalised our summer Eco-fashion collection (at last !) and organised two shootings.

Miu Sutin Verano 2014
Miu Sutin Verano 2014

The first one was carried out with the help of the photographer Mark Gamazo, who saw to the creative photos. We loved his backlight photos, both strong and soft.

Two wonderful models, serious, professional and incredibly beautiful, took part in the project : Fabrizia Martano and Arlin Sagués.

Mark has been extremely crafty, our scenery was very simple (a terrace and what appeared most appropriate for the prop), but Mark arranged it so as to take incredible, colourful pictures, which corresponded exactly to our expectations.

Miu Sutin verano 2014
Miu Sutin verano 2014

We had a very sunny day, which was both pleasant and challenging for Mark’s work! We were working against the clock.

In a very relaxed atmosphere, with Cuban, Cesaria Evora andTiken Jah Fakoly music, the session was somewhat timeless…

Miu Sutin  Verano 2014 Shooting
Miu Sutin Verano 2014 Shooting

Great thanks to the three of you !!! Such a great team !



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